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Call Answer Phone Recording Software for Conferencing

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PC-Telephone Software

The PC-Telephone software turns your computer into Internet telephone, SIP phone, ISDN telephone, FAX machine, answer phone, voicemail, file transfer and more.

While offering many innovative features, PC-Telephone also possesses all the available services on the telecom market as Call Answer, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Call Scheduling, Call Accounting, Phone Call Recording, Call Waiting, Call Hold, Caller ID, CLIP/CLIR, Audio Conferencing, etc.

Call Answer, Phone Recording, Conferencing...

  • All normal full-duplex telephone operations enables you to make and receive phone calls PC to PC, PC to Phone and Phone to PC.
  • Use your PC sound card, USB telephone or SIP telephone.
  • CLIP/CLIR (Calling Line Identity Presentation/Restriction) displays the caller's number (caller ID) when the phone rings.
  • Call Answer answers automatically incoming calls after a specified delay.
  • Call Scheduling dials automatically phone/fax numbers at a specified time.
  • Call Forwarding forwards automatically incoming calls to a predefined number.
  • Call Transfer transfers an incoming call to another number/network.
  • Call Waiting enables you to switch back and forth between active connections.
  • Call Hold/Muting temporarily blocks the remote party from hearing your voice. A playback can be placed on the line instead.
  • Call Accounting logs all successful calls in the Journal. Unanswered calls are logged in the Missed Calls folder.
  • Audio Conferencing ensures simultaneous multi-party telephone conversation. See the conference calling demo
  • Full-Duplex Phone Recording records telephone conversations. See the PC-Telephone calling demo
  • Encryption encrypts telephone calls. This feature is applicable for PC to PC calls only, regardless of the network used.

Data / File Transfer

  • Direct Data Transfer sends/receives files using different communications networks.
  • Scheduled Data Transfer sends automatically the selected file at a specified time to a specified number.

Fax Transfer (PC to Fax)

  • Direct Fax Transfer sends/receives fax documents including analog Group 3 and digital Group 4 faxes to/from PC or regular fax machines. See the fax sending demo
  • Scheduled Fax Transfer sends automatically the selected fax file at a specified time to a specified fax number. See the fax broadcasting demo

Voicemail / Answer Phone

  • Multiple User Mailboxes enables you to make mailboxes for your friends or clients leaving voice messages for them. They can remotely access their mailboxes by DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency) access code from any phone.
  • Public Mailbox Support enables you to place public domain announcements in the Public mailbox. Together with the Call Answer option it turns your PC into a phone recording answering machine.
  • Instant Voice Messages sends instant messages to any phone, by placing an outgoing phone call in the Outbox.
  • Listen Messages Remotely enables you to listen received new voice messages remotely using a regular phone.
  • Call Screening enables you listening to callers as they leave messages. The caller does not hear you.
  • Limited Message Duration limits the incoming voice message duration and the start/end tone notifies the caller to complete the message.

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