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Cheap International Calling

Using PC-Telephone you enjoy proprietary PC to Phone and PC to Fax calling technology with clear, reliable calls anytime and anywhere.

The audio compression supported delivers the voice with an amazing quality over broadband as well as over narrowband Internet connections.

In this way, your PC-Telephone calls sound and feel like regular phone calls.

The calling account expire one year since the last recharge. To extend your calling time, simply recharge your calling account.

You can also use the PC-Telephone calling PIN on your mobile phone SIP dialer to make cheap PC to Phone calls over WiFi or Mobile Internet.

See demo Cheap Calling Demo

Order/Recharge your Calling Card

Select your calling credit and use the available payment options. Upon receipt of your order we will email you a calling PIN enabling PC to Phone/Fax calls.

Calling credit (EUR):

Payment options:

Enter your PC-Telephone Calling PIN

Please, check your Mailbox or Spam/Junk folders. If no message received, email to support@pc-telephone.com

Go to PC-Telephone menu Network-IP and paste your calling PIN here. Your credit is updated after each successful call. (1 billing unit = 0.001 EUR)

PC-Telephone menu Network-IP

Cheap Calling Worldwide

Free PC-Telephone test call Dial in the Phonebar: #123, where 123 is the phone/fax number you like to call (country code + area code + local number).

The phonenumber should consist of only digits without the leading zeros.

Should you have any questions concerning the PC-Telephone calling, please email us at

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Free PC-Telephone software download
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