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  PC-Telephone (1.5mb)
  Help Manual (320kb)

PC-Telephone SoftPhone

PC-Telephone is a light-weight software telephony application (SoftPhone) that can be used in any usual PC configuration.

It works very well on dial-up and broadband Internet connections, using any Internet service provider or Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN).

PC-Telephone is easy to install, uninstall, use and is un-intrusive software application packaged as a self-extracting installation file of 1.5 MB.

To install PC-Telephone, download and run the PC-Telephone.exe setup file and follow the instructions.

To uninstall PC-Telephone use the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs.

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Free PC-Telephone Software Download

Download the free PC-Telephone software from the link below:

Free PC-Telephone Softphone Download

PC-Telephone Installation

Before installing the new PC-Telephone version, make sure that the previous one is not running.

The new softphone will use your current Phonebook, Journal, calling PINs and other customizations.

Free PC-Telephone Test Call

Free PC-Telephone test call Type pctt.net in the PC-Telephone Phonebar and press the Dial button.

If you hear the voice message, your PC-Telephone is working properly and you can make phone calls over Internet.

If you do not hear the message, contact us at:

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