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PC Telephony API

The PC-Telephone API (Application Programming Interface) is available after registration.

By using the Telephony API, you can make phone and fax calls right from your specific software application.

Find the PC Telephone API in the folder C:\Program Files\PC-Telephone\PCTAPI.

Examples available in Visual C++, Visual Basic and Delphi show how to make phone/fax calls from the command line.

You can also use the URL schemes callto:, tel: and fax: for click-to-call softphone integration in your web pages or email documents.

The PC-Telephone Softphone Registration is Optional

You can use your calling card PIN with the free PC-Telephone version and make cheap PC to phone calls worldwide.

As a registered PC-Telephone user, you get:

  • PC-to-Phone/Fax calling card 5.00 EUR;
  • Your personal phone number set as outgoing caller ID;
  • PC-to-Fax without watermark; see fax demo
  • Unlimited calls over ISDN;
  • Included PC-Telephone API;
  • Network ID presentation;
  • Import/Export Phonebook numbers; see demo
  • PC speaker and USB phone notifications; see demo
  • Special discount for all new PC-Telephone releases;
  • Support and assistance at support@pc-telephone.com

To Register Your PC-Telephone Software

Send an order using the available payment options. Upon receipt of your registration fee we will email you an unique license key enabling the above advanced features.

PC-Telephone Registration
      29.00 EUR (5.00 EUR calling time included)

PC-Telephone Upgrade
      15.00 EUR (for registered users only)

Select a payment option:

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