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The European IST Prize is the most prestigious prize for innovative Information Society Technologies products.
I use PC-Telephone together with let's chat handset for ISDN and Internet calls and find the voice quality just EXCELLENT!
Manfred Schneider
What Internet connection should I have in order to use PC-Telephone?

No matter what is your Internet connection Ethernet, Dialup, ISDN, DSL, Cable or Wireless, as long as it is 22 Kbps or more you can use PC-Telephone to make phone and fax calls.

How can I try the PC-Telephone calls over the Internet?

Type pctt.net in the PC-Telephone Phonebar and press the Dial button. If you hear the voice message, your PC-Telephone is working properly and you can make phone/fax calls over Internet. Start calling worldwide now!

Are there time-based call charges when using PC-Telephone over Internet?

The PC-to-PC calls over Internet are FREE of charge. The PC-to-Phone/Fax calls over Internet are with exceptional audio quality and incredible low rates.

Can I use the unregistered PC-Telephone version for PC-to-Phone/Fax calls?

Yes. You can use the FREE PC-Telephone version to make unlimited PC-to-Phone/Fax calls if you have a calling card.

Can I use PC-Telephone with my SIP telephone?

Yes. If you want to use your preferred SIP device/software and profit from the great PC-Telephone offers, see SIP-to-Phone calls over Internet.

Can I use PC-Telephone with my mobile phone?

Yes. PC-Telephone provides high quality voice and seamless interoperability with any SIP dialer available on your mobile. See how.

What is the unit for the PC-Telephone calling cards?

As the prices on the telecom market go down every month we get rates for some destinations as low as € 0.006/min. Therefore, we have introduced units in the PC-Telephone calling cards (1 unit = € 0.001).

Can I receive Internet phone calls on my regular phone?

Yes. You can make PC-Telephone to forward all incoming phone calls to your regular or mobile phone. Enter a phone number in the Call Forwarding dialog box and PC-Telephone will automatically forward all incoming calls to that number.

What is ISDN?

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a system of telephone networks that allows data, still images, voice, and video all to be transmitted simultaneously on a single digital channel. It can operate through the standard telephone jacks currently installed in your office or home and uses existing wiring without any special conditioning to transmit a unique signal type. Since the ISDN signal is entirely digital, there is no need for conversion from analog to digital, which means you benefit from the full bandwidth of each channel. Ask the company where your regular phone is attached to for more information about ISDN services.

How can I make phone to phone over Internet calls using PC-Telephone?

You can make PC-Telephone to place long distance phone to phone calls over Internet by the Call Transfer/Forwarding options as shown on the picture. Both PC's should have Internet and ISDN networks available in order to receive and forward calls from Internet to regular phones and vice versa.

Call Transfer/Forwarding

How can I use PC-Telephone to send/receive files or faxes through my GSM mobile phone?

Use your SoftDataLink or Fritz!GSM cable kit to connect the mobile phone to your PC or portable computer. PC-Telephone enables automatically the Network-ISDN options and allows you to send and receive files and faxes through your mobile phone.

Can my PC replace my telephone and fax machine?

Telephones are a classic example of the general-purpose PC versus the special-purpose appliance. When looked at in this light, the telephone is a surprisingly heavyweight appliance, basically needing its own network. But there is really no reason to maintain separate networks for voice and data, and a lot of reasons to combine them... (read more).

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