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Cheap VoIP Calls over GPRS 3G WiFi Internet by SIP SmartPhone

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Mobile VoIP on Smartphone

Apart from the possibility of using your personal computer, PC-Telephone can also be used with mobile phones.

Android, iPhone and Windows mobile phones can use PC-Telephone over WiFi or GPRS/3G mobile internet where available.

PC-Telephone provides high quality voice and seamless interoperability with any SIP client available on your smartphone.

Use your mobile phone SIP dialer to make cheap PC-Telephone calls all over the world.

Mobile Phone SIP Dialer

To use your PC-Telephone calling card with your mobile phone SIP dialer installed, use the following settings:

SIP server:sip.pctt.net:5060
SIP userID:Test
SIP password:PIN4TEST
Voice codecs:0/8-G711u/a, 18-G729, 3-GSM6.10

Windows Phone
Cheap phone calls from Windows Mobile (Best)


Android Phone
Cheap international calls from Android (Best)



Cheap calls from iPhone (Best)


Mail to support@pc-telephone.com any SIP dialer your like to be listed here.

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